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What my clients have to say...

Mel was outstanding ...

We recently sold a 5 acre piece of property near Scotts Mills and Mel Counts served as our broker.  The property is located in a forested area that is difficult to get around in.  It took 2 years to sell the property with two prospective buyers dropping out at the last minute.  Though we were disappointed at the time, we were delighted that the 3rd party bought the property.

Mel was outstanding throughout the whole process for the following reasons:

He always kept us "in the loop."
He walked the property with me on two occasions.
He was always prompt whenever forms needed to be signed.
He gave us GREAT advice.
At my request Mel attended meetings with the neighbor adjacent to the property as well as with the surveyor.
We are completely satisfied with the work Mel did for us throughout.  I most highly recommend him as an outstanding broker for anyone interested in buying or selling property.

  ~ Leonard C. "Chuck" Smith

I worked with Mel Counts ...

"I worked with Mel Counts for two years on a 1031 exchange.  It took that long to sell in Roseburg, Oregon. He was patient, kind and always available. Sales failed but Mr. counts never gave up. When the 1031 exchange finally happened He stayed with me until the sale and exchange were final.  Also till the house was rented. Then later checked with me that everything was satisfactory. Thanks Mel Counts. You're the Best."

~ Gail Dunham

We Chose Mel ...

"We chose Mel Counts as our Realtor because he is good at his job and is professional and knowledgeable about real estate.  We felt comfortable in our decision to sell because of him."

~ Dave & Rose Cacka

Our House Selling...

"During the course of our selling, Mr Counts was very professional and courteous. When we had questions or were not clear on any subject he would always have the answer for us. It has been a pleasure doing business with Mel and Prudential Real Estate."

~ Kevin & Beverly Hormann

Whether it's helping you find the home of your dreams ...

"Mel, Thank you so much. You went above and beyond what we expected. Thank you!!! for all the help you gave us."

~ Ed & Sheryl R.

Or building lasting relationships with friends and the community ....

"Dear Mel and the members of Prudential Real Estate Professionals, We enjoyed the good food and conversation. Settlemier House was a perfect location on a hot summer day. There is a lot of work required to host such an event. We appreciate your effort and thank you for the invitation."

~ Margie & Lloyd C.

Mel is the "Best of the Best". Let him prove it to you.

"To whom it may concern,

We would like to thank Mel Counts. We came from out of state looking to settle down in the Woodburn area. We contacted Mel because we were told he was the "Best of the Best".

Mel exceeded our expectations. We were going to start a business in Woodburn and time was of the essence, we literally had to find a house and be moved within a month. We met with him on one day and told him what we were looking for etc. and left the next day back to Washington. After many emails and faxes back and forth, he was able to find us the perfect home. On top of that we were able to move in our home within the month time period we needed. He also went the extra mile and got us bids on our air conditioning and fencing. Wow what service!

Thanks Mel - you are the "Best of the Best" in our books also."

~ Ed & Sheryl R.

"Dear Mel,

I want to thank you for all the work you did to sell my place. You did a wonderful job.

Thanks a million,"

~ Theresa M.

"Mel was the very best!! We enjoyed the time spent with him viewing homes. He was extremely helpful in our selection of a home."

~ Joanne M.

" I recently purchased a home in Keizer. Mel Counts with Prudential was my agent. I wish to thank him and all the staff that worked with him in helping me to accomplish this endeavor. It was a bumpy road and took quite a few viewings to find the right home for me. Mel was very patient and helpful in all aspects of the purchase. He worked very diligently at working through the many details and went above and beyond to make the deal happen. This is the second home i have purchased with Mel's help and words cannot describe how happy I am to have had him on my side!
He is a very quality individual and I appreciate all he did for me!"

Thank You!

~ Jeff Zollner

"In late November, 2018 Mel Counts served  as the Berkshire Hathaway sales agent.  The house sold two days after the sign was placed out front. Obviously Mel suggested a price that helped in sell quickly and my wife and I were pleased with the results.

Mel kept us updated throughout the process by stopping by and having us fill out the necessary papers.  He also suggested we make a list of the additional items we wanted to sell in addition to the property sale.  All in all it was a good experience for us.  We were pleased with the help provided by Mel and the sale process itself."

~ Leonard C. Smith

"I retained Mel Counts to list & sell my home. It was a pleasant experience. Not only did the first person who visited the home buy it but,  Mel was instrumental in helping stage it for presentation & very helpful in suggesting how it should be presented. Mel also gave of his time above & beyond to be there at the home to meet various utility folks when necessary, as I was an out-of-town owner/seller. In addition, his communication with me via the phone & in person was very timely & much appreciated. Well done."

~ Clarke Berryman DVM  

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